Project Milestones

January 5, 2015:
Construction and utility work began from Midway Boulevard to West Spring Lake Bridge (Area 1).

January 12, 2015:
Construction will require lane closures and detours

January 2015:
Lauzon Avenue closed to thru traffic for duration of project

March 2, 2015:
Edgewater Drive closed to thru traffic as work began on East Spring Lake Bridge.

March 23, 2015
Work began on West Spring Lake Bridge

July 2015:
Work begins from East Spring Lake Bridge to Sunrise Waterway Bridge (Area 3).

JULY 2015

  • Pile driving underway on West Spring Lake Bridge


  • New lift station constructed at Altoona St.
  • New sanitary sewer underway from Altoona St. to Midway Blvd.
  • New water main constructed from Sunrise Bridge to Harbor Blvd.
  • New water main and force main installed in Harbor Blvd. intersection
  • Completed storm sewer outfall at Lakeview Blvd.
  • Pile driving completed on West Spring Lake Bridge
  • Old West Spring Lake Bridge demolished



  • Sanitary sewer construction continues between Altoona St. and Midway Blvd.
  • New storm sewer construction underway between West Spring Lake Bridge and East Spring Lake Bridge
  • New reuse water main installed in Harbor Blvd. intersection
  • West Spring Lake Bridge substructure construction continues


January 2016:
Work begins from Sunrise Waterway Bridge past Harbor Boulevard (Area 4).

November 2016:
Work begins at Edgewater Drive and Harbor Boulevard Intersection (Area 5).

March 2017:
Scheduled completion.